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Carey will be a guest on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this Tuesday (January 5) at 12:35am ET/PT on CBS. Mark your calendars!


10 Comments on “Carey on Craig Ferguson

  1. amus

    Shia and Carey are a manufactured hollywood couple! I believe that Shia is in love but I don’t believe Carey is. Cmon people think about it! It’s AWARD season and Miz M is up for every award being given out!!! SHE needs publiciity, SHE needs people to know who SHE is and SHE NEEDS to create a buzz about her so that people in the industry(they are the ones that vote) will know who she is. DID YOU KNOW WHO SHE WAS BEFORE SHIA????? NO

    Oliver Stone takes credit for putting them together, Oliver Stone is CREEPY! He also is no matchmaker! If anything he probably put the idea of her hookin up w/Shia in her head so she could get noticed by more people!

    Shia is known in the industry as the “star of the moment” and any girl who gets to be seen with him will be noticed ! I read their body language in the photos and she is acting. This girl smokes and drinks. She is dowdy one day and then polished the next? SHE IS NOT INTO SHIA!!!! it’s a game to her!
    I want to make a wager, I bet that either after award season or before “money never sleeps” is released, they will be OVER, SO OVER and Shia will be bitter about it. .Why? because whether Carey wins or loses any award, her name and career are going to take flight! She will not want to be will a guy that left his future in a lurch by firing his agency when his career is not solid yet.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not wishing death on their romance, if it’s true then I wish them all the best. But if it isn’t true romance then I’m like every other gossip monger voyuer in terms of Hollywood stuff —– breakin up is juicy!

  2. Juliana

    OH MY GOD, the losers found this place :( Go way troll

  3. More Naty-Oliveira

    Naty Oliveira is the lunatic woman that is going around spamming this crazy garbage on various forums under different pseudonyms. Obviously, this one of them. She makes posts agreeing with her own posts, using different identities. She’s easy to spot. Shia has one really insane fan in Naty Oliviera.

  4. Amanda

    I have tried being lenient and I have no problem with people voicing their opinion(s) but this is getting out of hand. This is a place for fans of Carey, not those who hate her. If you have a problem with it TAKE IT ELSEWHERE and do us a favor and just don’t visit the site! For someone who can’t stand Carey and her relationship with Shia, you’re sure taking time out of your day to care enough to comment. It’s sad, pathetic and childish and I’ll be damned if I’ll let this go on any further. I have no problem using the ban option.

    I try my best to be fair but I will not tolerate bashing of Carey.

  5. Jess

    I agree with Amanda. The relentless bashing of Carey is unnecessary and boring. Especially as this site focuses on her career and doesn’t even post candids.

    Unfortunately the bashers will keep on coming, so I say keep on using that ban option for as long as it takes 😉

  6. Chelsa

    Truly, it is sad that you waste your time coming to a FANsite on Carey, if you are not a fan. Why would you visit really? Everybody is entitled to their own opinion of course, but don’t come to a fansite dedicated to her and then bash her, that’s just rude and uncalled for.

  7. Celyn

    What Carey chooses to do in her personal life is entirely her own business; we are fans of her film, television and stage work, and that is why we run the site. If you dislike Carey so much, why are you even here? – As wouldn’t it be obvious that only Carey FANS would be visiting this site: those who wish to follow her for her career and not the life that she chooses to lead off-screen? We don’t even allow any sort of paparazzi/gossip on this site, as we have been told that Carey herself dislikes paparazzi.

    And yes, I did know who she was, long before she met Shia. So, please, shut up and take your gossip mongering elsewhere.

  8. Juliana

    Oh my God, NATY OLIVEIRA? why do I think this bitch is brazilian, my country always produce crazies for the world.

    Naty se voce for brasileira, se toca otária e some daqui. Carey tem classe demais pra lidar com uma doida como voce.

  9. Naty

    Wait a minute! A party with my name and I’m not even invited! My friend Lola just told me about this. And why did you guys think I’m the person who post THIS mess here? If you don’t know this is totally copy’n’past from! We’re members of that site and this same thing was post there yestarday for someone. My friend told me about a troll from here using my name to post things there. She’s a very refined lady with a vulgar language and no man on her hips that love my name and like to used. But it’s ok because there we have sense of humor there, so no problem, you can be happy being someone else if makes you happy :)

    But this post is definitely not mine, I will never do a poorly copy and past that stupid, this not even match the news is talking about she and Shia. And I always sing my name when I post things because I like to take credit for my thoughts.

    And just to keep you in, I’m one of the VERY FEW followers of this site twitter’s for a long time now because I actually like the site and GUESS WHAT? I used to like Carey before she starting date one of my favorite actors Shia Labeouf. That was the reason for me to came here one day and post 4 adorable messages in this page: because, I like Carey but I have an very specific thought about her relationship with her WS2 co star. And that was my participation, FIN.

    As longs as we know a person from HERE is the only one using others peoples names to spread ignorance to the world. She must to be in love with me or just with my name and started to go wild on her fantasies. And for the low IQ she is the one that probably post this crap here as she is doing in shiantology.

    And Juliana, vc é brasileira? que legal saber que tem mais brasileiras por aqui! Só vou dizer uma coisa, antes de vc xingar alguém procure saber a procedência das acusações. Se vc frequenta esse site sabe quem é que postou isso aqui, é a mesma pessoa que vai no site do Shia se fazer de louca com o meu nome e a mesma pessoa que veio discutir no único post que eu fiz. E mais uma coisa, é muito feio sair por ai falando mal do nosso país, como assim “só produz loucuras”? Se toca guria, deixa de ser ignorante. Fora isso, continuo achando legal ter uma brasileira aqui.

  10. Amanda

    This is getting out of hand. I’m sorry this person is posing as you but from now on all comments will be moderated. It’s sad and pathetic as hell that I have to do this.

    Enough is enough. If you have a problem with Carey take it elsewhere. I don’t understand WHY seeing as we no longer post candids in the first place so those bashing her shouldn’t have a reason to bash her HERE. Go find another hobby or create your own hate site I don’t give a damn just don’t do it here!

    To everyone else: If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it at all, which you won’t because your comment will be deleted 😉

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