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Hello, just a quick admin note from myself. In order to save loading time for people I have switched the site’s theme to a less image-heavy one. I hope this works for everyone.

Over the coming week or two I am going to spend a lot of time working on the site, organising the pages and getting everything up to date. If there is anything in particular you would like to see here at Carey Mulligan Online, please leave your suggestion in the comments.


5 Comments on “Switch, Swotch.

  1. Sarika

    My favorite layout 😉

  2. elson

    i am Chinese.thanks for the adminster’s work!!

  3. Jayce

    Candid picture section!

  4. Celyn

    Jayce, as we have stated in previous posts, we no longer post candids as we have been told that Carey does not like them, and we wish to respect her privacy. We are a fansite that follows her career! 😉

  5. michelle

    not really a suggestion…but more of a question. do u guys have an estimated time of when the video galley will be up and running?? i didnt get to see any of her interviews reacting to the globes nomination!!!

    lovely site, by the way.

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