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Do you need another reason to love Carey Mulligan? Or, more argue-power behind why she should headline My Fair Lady if it ever comes to be?

In the last few years Carey Mulligan has exploded from one of the girls from Pride & Prejudice, and a guest actress in Doctor Who‘s popular “Blink,” to the Oscar-nominated actress from An Education, and name from the likes of Public Enemies and Brothers, plus the upcoming Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Never Let Me Go, Drive, and On Chesil Beach.

Just to continue the ever-brightening spotlight, Mulligan has grabbed the mic to sing with Belle & Sebastian in their new single, “Write About Love,” from their CD of the same name.

BBC America spotted the song, a ’60s-ish pop tune that her educated Jenny would’ve loved. It’s spunky and pretty darned addictive. Though it details a girl stuck in a crappy day job who escapes to the roof, looks over the city, and wants to write about love and “see the dream through the windows and the trees of your living room,” let’s hope Mulligan sticks with her big-screen work … at least until she headlines as a pop princess on the big screen.

The song, which you can download for free right here (and should, because it’s pretty great), definitely proves Mulligan’s singing talents, although it also makes me wish that if My Fair Lady gets cooking again, it could be a modern or ’60s retro pop version with new songs. Lady isn’t the original story anyway — it’s ripped from Pygmalion — so one can dream.

Should Mulligan be My Fair Lady? Is there another singer she should play? Stevie Nicks might be a little off her range, but maybe … The Go-Go’s? It’s not the best cinematic story, but I’d love to see Mulligan, and maybe Zooey Deschanel, partake in some pop frolicking. Do you have any better ideas?

Don’t think Glee. It seems she told Vogue that she wants to pop by the popular show, “but I’m told I’m not famous enough to be a cameo.”



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