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Carey Mulligan, Romola Garai and Anne-Marie Duff posed together for the Stylist Magazine, portrait that you can now view in our photo gallery by clicking on the picture below. I transposed a part of the interview below, but don’t forget to check the full one directly on their website.


This is what Carey had to say on her upcoming movie, Suffragette:

We felt incredibly emotional and also angry watching the film, was that akin to your experience? I read the other day that there are three films being made about the Boston bombings, which is a valid thing for them to make a film about, but it has taken 100 years to make a film about human rights. During rehearsals I went to an exhibition at the Museum of London and the suffragette area was just half a bookcase. At the time it was blanked out in the press, denied and covered up. So much of the movement was made up of working-class women who weren’t educated and this has bled into how the story has been told.

Is the end result what you hoped for? I definitely felt proud and that it had been made the way we signed up to do it. That’s rare. I can’t say that’s happened many times before. Not that I’ve walked away from everything with a crushing disappointment but I have felt, ‘that’s not the feeling I thought.’ But the way this film has been put together is the strongest version in terms of telling the story.

Could you commit an act of violence for a cause you believe in strongly, like the suffragettes? Even walking into a gallery like the V&A and taking a knife to a famous piece of art is just terrifying – the bravery of those women! I’d like to think I’d have the guts to do it but you just can’t say.

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