written by Elise   |   Posted on 2015-10-06

Carey Mulligan – as well as a few Suffragette’s costars – has been photographed by Mary Rozzi for the Time Out Magazine. Be sure to check the pic in the gallery and to read the full interview on their website.


Here’s what Carey Mulligan had to say:

What lesson did you learn from your mum? ‘Compassion.’

And from your grandmother? ‘Not to hit my brother.’

Was there a point at which you realised that being a girl meant you were treated differently from boys

? ‘Not really, but as a woman I’ve felt I’ve been treated differently from men.’

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? ‘Don’t sweat the small shit.’

Which women would you invite to your dream dinner party? ‘My grandmother when she was young, Amy Poehler, Malala Yousafzai, Angelina Jolie, Queen Elizabeths I and II, Marion Cotillard, Patti Smith, Michelle Obama and Maid Marian.’

Who inspires you? ‘The carers who work at the home in which my grandmother lives in Wales. And the War Child volunteers and workers in the field who risk their lives protecting children from conflict.’

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