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I’ve just added really nice pictures of Carey’s latest portrait, photographed by Al Seib for the Los Angeles Times, to the photo gallery. Continue reading as you will find part of her interview to promote ‘Suffragette’ below, but don’t forget to check out the original article back here.

“It sort of feels like this is the year,” Mulligan said, when feminism is “getting a basic understanding, as opposed to [feeling] like something you have to make a big deal about to stand behind. It’s a really basic idea. It isn’t that complicated.”

Carey Mulligan plays the unflappable Maud Watts, a young woman exploited since age 7 in one of London’s East End laundries, barely earning enough to help feed her husband and young son. She collaborated closely with Morgan and Gavron to steer clear of sentimentality in her performance, despite the wrenching conditions of Maud’s experience as she’s drawn into the movement.

“I was really worried she’d feel flat,” Mulligan said, turning to Gavron. “I remember, I sent you an email early on. And you wrote in the title [of your response] ‘Bold Bold Bold.’ That every choice in the performance we made would be bold.”

“It had to feel like that same girl at the beginning that had this huge awakening,” said (Director of the movie) Gavron. “It’s like that quote from Hannah Mitchell.”

“She, it was, that lit the flame that consumed the past,” Mulligan said, quoting “The Hard Way Up,” the memoir of English seamstress and suffragette Hannah Mitchell, whose commitment ended her marriage and led to her nervous breakdown. Mulligan kept the book on hand throughout filming.

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