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The full line-up for Sundance Film Festival 2018 was announced yesterday, and Paul Dano’s “Wildlife” is set to have its world premiere as part of their U.S. Dramatic Competition. The film, starring both Carey and Jake Gyllenhaal, tells the story of a boy who witnesses his parent’s marriage falling apart after his mom finds another man. Along with the news of the line-up, the first production stills were released — you can now find them in our gallery.

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Carey is on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK (January ’18 Issue), and she looks absolutely breathtaking. I truly believe this is one of her most beautiful shoot ever. I have updated our gallery with high-quality digital scans, as well as with several outtakes. Enjoy!

On her fears since having children: “[I’ll] have a huge mortality crisis and get terribly upset that one day [I’ll have to] leave my children behind. That has crippled me a couple of times since I’ve had kids: the notion that one day they’ll have to be without me.”

On the time when her breastmilk leaked over her couture dress at a fashion event: “Back in the day, I would have been in the bathroom in tears. I would have been trying to leave. But it was just kind of funny. It was so ridiculous. I thought, ‘If I’ve got breastmilk coming out of my dress, then that just shows what it’s like to be a working mother in the 21st century. Whatever.”

On whether giving birth has changed the way she feels about her body: “Yes, I think all that stuff has got easier. Your body has a totally different function. I’ve always been funny about my legs and I won’t wear anything above the knee. I hate my thighs.”

On wanting to be everything for your children: “I used to talk down about myself a lot… you know, ‘Ugh, I feel so gross today, I feel so fat today. I look ugly today.’ And I just don’t do that any more because I don’t want my children to feel or talk about themselves that way.”

While filming Mudbound, Carey was shocked to hear rumours of a real-life lynching taking place in Atlanta: “It was so crazy because, you know, that feels historical and it wasn’t. I think because I live in London, I suppose I have an idea that we’re all very multicultural and everyone is very accepting and I had no idea the extent to which racism is still rampant in America… I was naïve to how bad it is still today.”

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Carey attended the New York Special Screening and Reception for Netflix’s ‘Mudbound’ yesterday (November 28) at Bistro Milano in the Big Apple. She was joined by co-stars Jason Clarke, Jason Mitchell, Garrett Hedlund, Rob Morgan, composer Tamar-Kali, co-writer Virgil Williams and director Dee Rees. Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey’s co-star in “Wildlife“, was the host of the event. I have updated our gallery with high-quality images.

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The 2017 Annual IFP Gotham Awards were held yesterday evening (November 27) in the Big Apple. As expected, Carey attended the event together the “Mudbound” casting, including Jason Mitchell, Rob Morgan, Mary J. Blige, Garrett Hedlund, and Jason Clarke. They all came up on stage as “Mudbound” was awarded the Special Gotham Jury Award for Ensemble Performance. She was also pictured alongside friend & co-star (“The Walker“) Zoe Kazan. Our girl was wearing a gorgeous Dior Fall 2017 Haute Couture gown, which made her look both beautiful and sophisticated. More than 110 high-quality images have been added to our gallery.

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