written by Elise   |   Posted on 2015-10-01

ELLE UK‘s famous annual feminism issue is out today, and Carey is featured on the cover. We have the opportunity to discover the fantastic shoot she did for the English magazine, where she looks amazing. I’ve just uploaded 9 outtakes in high quality, as well as the scan of the cover to our photo gallery. Magazine scans will soon be added as well, so stay tuned!

In ELLE UK’s annual feminism issue, actress Carey Mulligan opens up exclusively about her career-defining role in Suffragette and reflects on the need for more women’s voices to be heard, both in Hollywood and beyond.

Mulligan discusses the pay gap, the respect women receive in the film industry, and explains why she would never take on a role any less strong or well-rounded than a leading man’s. ‘You don’t say to men: “You played another really strong man.”,’ she adds. ‘The idea that women are inherently weak – and we’ve identified the few strong ones to tell stories about – is mad.’

In Suffragette, out this month, Mulligan plays Maud – a laundry worker turned foot soldier for feminist leader Emmeline Pankhurst, played by Meryl Streep. When asked if she would be a suffragette, she admits, ‘You’d like to think that you would [but] you’re a product of your time. I can express my opinion, but I’ve never had to fight, to stand up for anything. And the notion of walking into a gallery with a knife and destroying a piece of art, that seems unbelievably terrifying to me. And that’s just one, tame example of what they did.’

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